Welcome to One Eye Open. My name is K, and this is my personal website. If you are interested in a consultation, please see below for services, and contact. This site is currently under construction, but will be in full form soon. Check back, and often, as this site continues to grow.


Astrology: Delivered via email. Payment accepted through PayPal.

  • Highlights of the Nativity. Here we will examine your natal chart and go over the basics. We will also highlight the most prominent features. Price is $150.00.
  • Career, Money, and Life Mission. In this consultation we examine specifically your ideal career options, work, money, and your life’s mission. Price is $93.00.
  • Specific Area of Choice. With this option you can choose a specific area of the horoscope you would like to know more about. Price is $60.00.
  • Charty! Coming Soon!

Please note, your exact time and place of birth is necessary in order to conduct these readings with accuracy. If you do not know this info, contact me anyway and we can discuss options.

Divination: Delivered via email. Live readings coming soon! Payment accepted through PayPal.

  • Single Question with Choice of Medium. Ask a single question. Choice of media include: Runes, Tarot, or Oracle Deck. Price is $30.00.
  • In-Depth, Single Area of Concern. This is an in-depth reading of your question or area of concern utilizing several media, including Runes, Tarot, and Oracle Decks. Price is $60.00.
  • Skype Reading. Coming Soon!

For a consultation, please contact me via email. Indicate in your email what service you would like, and we will go from there. Thank you.